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Cyber Insights Magazine

Cyber Insights Magazine is an invaluable source of knowledge and information from the intersection of global cyber policy, practice and technology issues. The magazine focuses on a set of diverse areas, including but not limited to tech and cyber public policy, cyber economics, cyber global politics, cyber law and legislation, cyber international relations, cyber diplomacy, cyber conflicts and their resolution, cyber peace building, cyber capacity and capability, cyber psychology, cyber nations and culture, cyber industry, cyber warfare, and anything pertaining to cyberspace studies and research.

The magazine is published by Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research (GFCyber), which is an independent, nonprofit, and non-partisan think tank that helps policymakers address societal challenges created by contemporary technology. Comprised of tech and cybersecurity experts from around the world, GFCyber seeks to ensure that technological advances lead to increased global peace, harmony, stability, justice, and resilience, all of which can be severely undermined if the widespread adoption of technology is not accompanied by proper public policies. For more information about GFCyber, please visit