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At Cybersecurity Magazine, we have always wanted to explore new paths to make the best content on cybersecurity available to our readers. This includes not only our articles here on, but also our YouTube channel. In addition, we pride ourselves of our list of expert authors from all areas within cybersecurity.

One of the latest authors to join was Lou Covey, experienced tech journalist and also a long term publisher of podcasts on different tech topics. We’re happy to co-operate with him on bringing podcasts to Cybersecurity Magazine. Here is his latest piece:

The hackers won’t let you go. Time to go after them

Mel Gibson starred in a movie, “Ransom,” playing a millionaire who turned the tables on kidnappers of his child by offering the ransom as a reward for revealing the criminals. It may be time to take that kind of aggressive action with ransomware. In our interview with John Flory III, CISO for Harbor Networks, he explains why it is absolutely necessary to go on offense now and hunt the hackers down. He gives us a preview of a case he worked on with international law enforcement that resulted in the arrest, extradition and prosecution of a ransomware ring. We will hear more from Flory in the coming weeks but his recommendations can bear fruit as hackers become more brazen.

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