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Cyber Insights Magazine invites unpaid contributions from policy experts, academics, researchers, journalists, technologists, business leaders, students, and activists from around the world. The contributions may range from perspectives, opinion pieces, experts’ columns, op-eds, news items, book reviews, blogs, and critical analysis, etc. The contributing authors should carefully follow editorial ethics and guidelines and should not submit their work to other publishing venues simultaneously.

The presented work should be original, rigorous and supported by legitimate and freely accessible references. Authors should embed references through hyperlinks in the text. There should not be footnotes in the submitted manuscripts. Authors should also mention the type of their manuscript. A brief bio (up to 50 words) of submitting authors with their social media handles is also required. The word count of opinion pieces, columns and perspectives should range from 500 to 1500 words. Detailed policy or analytical pieces can range up to 3000 words. Authors should consult with the Editor-in-Chief if a paper is overlength. Authors from industry should avoid product advertisements or “advertorials”.

We firmly believe in inclusiveness and diversity and are committed to provide a platform to contributors from underrepresented regions and communities. We also encourage early-career researchers and students (MS/PhD) to contribute their valuable works and share your research and insights with the world.

Our editors receive and review a high-volume of pitches and manuscripts so please be patient for their response. If your submission does pass their evaluation, it may take some time until it is finally published in the magazine.

To pitch contributions and tips, please contact us through (

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